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                1、Innovative Startup Projects Set for Final       2、Sandalwood Museum to Open in Hengqin       3、Dating App Accuses Tinder of‘Classic Bully Tactics' over TM       4、CPA Global Calls on Industry to Embrace ‘New IP'       5、Rankings Rolling Out in Steel Industry       6、Xiongan New Area Strengthen IP Protection Credit System      

                News in Brief


                5th China Pharma IP ...

                Date:14-17 October, 2020

                Place:Shanghai, China

                Global IP Exchange E...

                Date:9-11 March 2020

                Place:Berlin, Germany

                ECTA 39th Annual Con...

                Date:17 - 20 June 2020

                Place:Copenhagen, Denmark

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                In your opinion, which is the most important factor that influences IP pledge loan evaluation?

                Control over several core technologies for one product by different right owners
                Stability of ownership of the pledge
                Ownership and effectiveness of the pledge